Fall Finds: Dressing Up Your Look For Less Than $100


In case you couldn’t already tell, Fall is absolutely our favorite time of year. Even though the chilly autumn weather typically only remains tolerable for a few short weeks in Chicago, we try to make the most of it in every way possible. Our fall wardrobe consists of chunky sweaters, leggings, skinny jeans, and boots/booties.

In our opinion, the difference between looking like a slob in a big sweater and looking put together and chic is all about how you accessorize and complete your outfit. From belts to brimmed hats, there’s always a simple fix to dress up your fall look. Check out some of our favorite fall finds and how to dress up your look below. And oh by the way, every item on our list is less-than $100. You can thank us later.


Knit Bell Sleeve Pullover

Open-Front Longline Blazer

Lace-Up Sweater

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