Current Obsession: The Embroidered Jumpsuit 

Happy humpday ladies!

We’re halfway through the week and that much closer to some Friday night fun! And by “fun” I mean getting my apartment organized (blah!).  Major spring cleaning needed over here! I’m moving into a new place in a few weeks and while moving is always stressful – I’m trying to embrace it as an opportunity to “declutter.” I can be a bit of a hoarder when it comes to my closet in particular. “What if this comes back in style? What if I decide to wear this shirt that I didn’t even know I had? What if I magically shrink back to my high school size?” = just a few of the irrational thoughts of attachment I feel when choosing between the “give” or “keep” pile. Anyone else with me?! Prayers and advice welcome to get me through that dreaded experience.

Anyways… One item I definitely won’t be throwing out is this new embroidered jumpsuit! If you keep up with us here on PWP regularly, (ps THANK YOU! :)) you know that embroidery is one of our favorite trends this spring! When I saw this jumper I knew I wasn’t walking away without it! The lazy girl in me loves jumpers because it’s an entire outfit in one. You know, for those days when coordinating a top and bottom is just not in the cards. I also love how this jumpsuit has some sheer action while still remaining appropriate enough to wear to most events (my very conservative Brazilian mom even gave this fit her seal of approval so I mean you could basically wear it to meet the pope😉).  Ha! Okay maybe not but you get the picture.

I’m also obsessed with the hemline of this embroidered jumper. Perfect length to show off a pair of strapy heels like the pair I’m wearing from Aldo (outfit details below). I also love this pair and this pair!


Shop full outfit details below and share your thoughts with us on the embroidery trend in the comments section!

Shop my embroidered jumpsuit here

Shop by nude ankle straps here

Similar leather jacket (similar look) here

Sunnies linked here


7 thoughts on “Current Obsession: The Embroidered Jumpsuit 

  1. Such a beautiful piece! Completely agree that a jumper is a great “one stop” outfit – and lends itself well to accessorizing and being worn for multiple different types of occasions, plus you can always make it look totally different with or without a blazer/moto leather jacket!

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