#LookMeInMyLashes – A Look At Our Favorite Lancôme Products

Lancôme-7Morning Ladies!

Today I’m sharing a sneak peak into my makeup bag featuring a few of my latest beauty and skincare additions. With much thanks to Lacome + Influenster, we were gifted these amazing products and we’re so excited to be sharing them with you all! Although we received these complimentary in exchange for an honest review, we will definitely be purchasing many of these items in the future for continued use.

I love that this new Visionnaire Yeux Eye on Correction doubles as both an under eye cream AND a makeup primer – I’m all about the 2-in-1’s, as my mornings are pretty hectic when I’m trying to paint on my face and fly out the door to work all before 06:30. This cream not only hydrates, but it also brightens your skin – making you look more refreshed, while visibly correcting wrinkles and uneven skin texture. With my 25th birthday quickly approaching, I’m thinking I’m going to need all the preventative maintenance I can get! Cue the quarter-life crisis.


I rarely stick to one mascara and am constantly switching up what brand I buy. Being a contact lens wearer, a lot of mascaras flake off and irritate my eyes (four-eyes problems) but I think I found a winner in this high definition Definicils Mascara. It is fragrance free and ophthalmologist-tested (had to look up how to spell that, haha) making it super safe for contact lens wearers, not to mention the amazing volume/thickness it gives your lashes. Simply re-apply until you’ve reached your desired thickness!


Also included in our @influenster gift are two liquid pencil eyeliners – Ampoulé purple and “Noir Intense” black. While I tend to veer away from colored liner, I was amazed at the extremely pigmented color of both liners, ideal for long lasting wear. This jet black shade is perfect for obtaining a smoky eye look!


The one beauty tip that I am religious about is washing my face (both morning and night). I never, and I mean NEVER go to bed with my “face” still on (okay maybe a few times after one too many glasses of Prosecco.) Before washing my face with cleanser, (I use this one by Clarisonic) I use a remover for my eye makeup. This Bi-Facil Double Action remover melts away makeup- even those stubborn waterproof formulas. It is super gentle, and oil free so it will not irritate your eye area. Be sure to gently shake the bottle before application as this is how the formula gets activated.


Again, much thanks to the Lacome + Influenster team for this special treat!



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