5 Minutes or Less: Lazy Girl Hairstyle Hack

hairstyle-hacks4Happy Monday Loves! I hope you all had a great weekend! We are definitely feelin’ the aftermath of Super Bowl Sunday #bringontheadvil. I mean, how this day is still not a national holiday is beyond me. I have a buffalo chicken dip hangover from these amazing sliders Mik made. Calories don’t count on Sunday’s right? 😉

Anyway, I am in the process of trying to grow out my hair, and have been exploring a new hairstyle hack. My hair’s at the struggle stage where it’s too short still to do a lot of my favorite up-dos, yet long enough to get in the way and annoy me. And lucky me, my hair grows as slow as molasses. Can anyone else relate?

I’m trying to get better about only washing my hair a few times a week/reducing the amount of heat used on my hair (blow drying, straightening, curling, etc) to get it growing and as a result, it typically ends up in a boring ponytail after day 2. That’s partly because I’m too lazy to get out of bed in the morning to do anything more exciting to it than that! I am determined to get a little more creative and try some new styles to mix things up when stretching out those wash days.

I found this super easy hairstyle hack  on Pinterest. It’s an alternative to the classic topknot and in my opinion, a lot quicker/easier as well. You simply take the top section of your hair, and tease to the desired volume. Gather your hair into a low pony tail and secure it with a hair tie pulling the hair through to loop it. Once looped, twist your hair around and over pin pieces until it feels secure. See the link above for a step by step tutorial. Here’s my finished look:


Dry shampoo has become my new can’t-live-without product during this awkward hair stage. I used this Batiste dry shampoo in the look above. I have also used this one by Bumble and Bumble in the past. I like the Batiste one more for removing oil as it is a bit heavier and also a third of the price of B&B! Triple Sec 3-in-1 by Dry Bar  is also a light dry shampoo however I used it more as a volumizer when teasing the top portion of my hair.

For the days that I do wash my hair, I always use this Miracle Leave In Treatment by It’s a 10 as a heat protector. We also both use Smooth Infusion Naturally Straight by Aveda. Applied when your hair is damp, it helps with the hairs shine and keeps the kinks out of my naturally curly hair for days.


Of course no up-do can be complete without a lot of hairspray to lock it in! Currently using Big Sexy Hair and so far its living up to its name… at least I like to think☺

Some other lazy girl hairstyle hacks I want to try this week are this half up party lob , and this low rolled updo.

What is your easy weekday hairstyle hack? Any tips/tricks you have to help with hair growth? Product recommendations? I’m all ears, my hair needs heeeelp!:)


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