Haircare Tips To Battle Winter Weather


Happy Saturday, Loves! We’re starting the weekend by sharing our winter haircare tips. The temps in Chicago have been all over the place lately, and it’s put our hair in need of some TLC. That being said, we’re showing off some of our favorite hair products and tricks to battle the dry weather.


First and foremost, I’ve found cutting back on the heat is a must. I only allow myself to touch up my hair with a straightener 2-3 times a week. It’s so fragile from being dyed blonde, that any direct heat will cause it to literally break right off. Instead I invested in a good hairdryer, and give myself an at-home blowout after I shower.


This Drybar hairdryer is literally amazing. (Available here). I’ve had CHI, and Rowenta dryers before, and this one blows them both out of the water. It’s honestly the only hairdryer I’ve used that doesn’t turn my hair into a frizzball. Using it with Drybar’s ceramic roller brush makes it so easy to style your hair. They come in small and large barrel sizes, here and here.


Hair Products:

The trick to healthy and strong hair is keeping it moisturized. Anyone who knows me, knows that I only wash my hair a couple times a week. But when I wash it, I always give myself a deep conditioning treatment. I love this deep conditioner from It’s A 10 Haircare, on sale here for $13.99! If you need a stronger repair treatment, I’m obsessed with It’s A 10 Miracle Hair Mask. (On sale here for $21.99).


After I wash my hair, I always add Aveda’s Smooth Infusion serum to my hair while it’s damp. (Available here). It really helps to tame the waves, and keep your hair straight.

Between washes, I use two dry shampoos. The first one is Drybar’s Triple Sec, here. I use this one when I just need a light refresh. My other favorite is Batiste’s dry shampoo, available here. I’m obsessed with their line of dry shampoo when I need a major refresh. I also love to use it when I’m wearing my hair up, as it gives a little extra volume.

Enjoy your weekend, dolls! Share your favorite winter haircare secrets with us in the comments below!


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  1. I’ll definitely have to remember the DryBar tools. I try to keep heat to a minimum myself but I know the right tools make all the difference. Thanks for the great tip!

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