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Happy Friday Ladies!

TGIF! What are you girls up to this weekend? For once we have zero plans/commitments this weekend and I am sooooo looking forward to relaxing and not doing a thing 🙂 If you’re like me and getting a jump start on holiday shopping, or if you’re just looking for some retail therapy (lol!) you wont’t want to miss out on these amazing sales! We have sifted through all of the current Deals & Steals to make shopping easier for you! Let us know if any of the below pieces found their way to your cart & happy shopping! As always, if you have any retailers you would like us to feature next week, or items in particular you are shopping for, let us know if the comments below! We love hearing from you all!

Nordstrom is having a Fall Sale and the discounts are too good to pass up!

The Loft is having yet another 40% off sale!! Use code: HAPPY for discounts at checkout! (Prices below do not reflect discount)

Target is discounting select outwear by 20%! Great time to stock up on some statement wear that you wouldn’t want to splurge on (think trendier pieces). See our favorites below!

New discounted items currently on sale from Anthropologie! Can you believe this denim jacket is under $50?? Also take 20% off full priced home items!

Take 40% off everything store wide at Express! So many good dress that would be perfect for upcoming holiday parties! I love Express jeans and they rarely go on sale so I will definitely be ordering a pair (okay, or two:))

Major discounts on designer items that don’t go on sale too often at Dillard’s! Dying over those leopard booties that I am convinced I need! 🙂

Take 20-50% off select items at Bloomingdales! Also receive double points if you are a card member on select items! Here are our favorites.

We hope everyone has a great weekend! Xoxo

Fall Layers

Hello Ladies!

In classic Midwest fashion, fall has come and gone and the cold fronts are in full force! Seriously why does Fall have to be so short?? This past weekend we got a taste of the cooler weather (of course just in time for all the Halloween festivities! ugh!) It was so cold I busted out my Uggs! My boyfriend was less than thrilled haha he calls them “ugglies” but warmth over style right??? Well, most of the time 🙂 Anyways, I wanted to share this fall layered look with you all!

I  gave into the cold weather and finally unpacked all my winter clothes that were in storage and moved all my cozy knits into my closet including this caramel sweater I recently picked up (under $40!). It is so warm and soft, and love the neutral color that goes with just about anything! I purchased a Medium (for sizing reference) so that I could wear it with leggings (#priorities lol). I paired it with this scarf (under $20!) and this messenger bag (currently on sale for 70% off! Under $20!). I have been living in these mules and probably will until snow hits the ground! Fingers crossed that won’t be too soon.

I love dressing up plain sweaters and layering them with scarfs- aaaand they double as a throw if you get cold lol! H&M has so many good one’s to pick from. I also purchased this scarf and have this one from last season (if you need a large warm one to wear with a winter coat I highly recommend- its huge!).

 Sweater / Scarf / Mules / Crossbody

Let us know what you think of this look below! Happy Halloween!

Oh Baby, We’re Pregnant! Bumpdate: 12 Weeks

Oh Baby We're Pregnant 2

EEEKKKK! I’m so excited to finally tell you all that Ryan and I are expecting. It’s been so hard for me to keep this a secret. I’m 12 weeks along, and literally could not be more thrilled to be pregnant.

In case you didn’t know, I’m the youngest in my family, and both of my sisters each have two kids. We’re just so excited that our baby will have cousins that are close in age. On Ryan’s side, he’s the oldest, so it’s the complete opposite. We’ll be the first ones in his family to have a baby. So it’s safe to say everyone is beyond excited.

Oh Baby We're Pregnant 1

But it definitely has not been all sunshine and rainbows. I’ve had really bad morning sickness for the past six weeks…(and can we go ahead and get rid of “morning” in that phrase, because it lasts all day long.) I’ve really just been nauseous 24/7, and honestly nothing helps. But I just keep telling myself it will all be worth it.

It definitely has helped to have friends and family close during this first trimester to keep us occupied. And of course, huge shout out to Julianna for literally taking over all things blog related for the last few weeks.

Oh Baby We're Pregnant 3

At my last appointment, the baby’s heart rate was 168 bpm – any experienced mommys out there with a gender prediction for me?! Would love to hear what you ladies think! Clearly I’m new at this, so any tips and advice would be greatly appreciated.

How I Found Out: Well I had a feeling I was already pregnant. So the day after I missed my period, I couldn’t sleep at all. I got out of bed at 4 in the morning and took a test! Haha! Sure enough, it was positive.

How I Told Ryan: Sorry to disappoint.. but I was far from creative. I was so excited that I told Ryan as soon as the test was positive. (Yes, at 4 in the morning.) We were both so excited that we couldn’t fall back asleep. We just sat in bed and watched Jerry McGuire on TV until about 7:30 when we finally fell back asleep.

How Far Along: 12 weeks

Baby’s Gender: Still a surprise!

How Am I Feeling: Still like crap… I have good days and bad days, but I’ve definitely been more sick than I imagined I would be.

Current Cravings: Culver’s concrete mixers, cinnamon swirl bread, beef jerky, and pickles. Literally the four most random foods on the planet.

What I Can’t Stand: Anything with carbonation.. I’m usually obsessed with La Croix, but even looking at it now makes me sick… same goes for all pop… so I’ve just been just been sticking to water.

What I’m Looking Forward To: Where to start.. everything!?! Right now we’re just so excited to be pregnant. As for this trimester, I’m looking forward to the gender reveal and to (hopefully) start feeling a little better! Oh, and I’d totally be lying if I didn’t say I’m excited to finally get my hair done in couple weeks… These roots are horrendous!

Stay tuned for more updates along the way! Please share any advice or thoughts in the comments below!

Outfit Details: Sweater // Leggings // OTK Boots // Earrings

Deals & Steals

Happy Tuesday! We have sifted through the ongoing sales to show you gals our favorite Deals & Steals and (hopefully) make shopping easier for you! If there is a particular retailer you would like us to include next week or specific items you are looking for let us know!! Happy shopping:)

Loft– The Loft sale seems to be never ending and we are not complaining! The discounts just keep coming and they are too good pass up! Sweaters discounted to $40 and under! See our favorites below.

Nordstrom– So many new sweaters added to the sale list at Nordstrom. Shop our favorites below- all under $50!

J. Crew– Take 25% off all orders in store and online! This is a great time to purchase classic items (as the price point is a bit higher). We love these items below!

Express– Express is offering 30% off dresses and outerwear. Love these dresses for an affordable holiday option (cannot believe its already that time of year!).

Revolve- Revolve discounted several new items under their sale tab online. Here are our favorites under $100!

Macy’s– Take an additional 20% off of select items with the code: BDAY. Prices below do not reflect the discount taken at the register.

Urban Outfitters– Take 25% off all graphic tees, 50% off winter accessories, + several other new discounted items! See our picks below.

We hope you ladies enjoyed this week’s Deals & Steals. Let us know if anything made it’s way into your cart!

Looks for Less: Amazing Designer Dupes

Happy Sunday Ladies!

Hope everyone had a fun & relaxing weekend. Today we are sharing amazing dupes to help you get the designer look for less! Whether your on a budget, or can’t be trusted with nice things (guilty as charged! LOL) these bags will help you achieve the designer look for wayyyyy less. I seriously cannot believe how good some of these are! I recently purchased this Gucci dupe and love being able to bring it out on the town without having to worry about it getting dirty or left behind. I will warn that the sizing is a little different (the dupe runs bigger) and materials are not genuine leather however, it gets the job done:)

Here are some of my other favorite designer look-alike’s! All dupes listed are under $100. Links are below to shop!


1. Dupe / Designer | 2. Dupe / Designer | 3. Dupe / Designer

1. Dupe / Designer | 2. Dupe / Designer | 3. Dupe / Designer


How do you all think these dupes compare to the real-deal? Would you purchase a designer dupe? Let us know in the comments below!!

Thanks for reading!