A Quick Weekend Getaway For The Newlyweds

Ryan and I have officially been married for a month now, and we were finally able to escape for a weekend of relaxation. We aren’t taking our honeymoon in St. Lucia until January, so as part of my wedding gift to him, I planned a quick weekend getaway. I didn’t want to go anywhere far, since I literally have zero vacation time left for work. After a bit of searching I stumbled on Lake Geneva.

I started looking into different hotels and cute bed-in-breakfasts, and came across The Baker House. After reading nothing but positive reviews about the historic mansion, I figured that I couldn’t really go wrong. Believe me when I say, the hotel did not disappoint. The Baker House was built in 1885, and literally takes you back in time the moment you walk through the doors.The house has four guest rooms, and we stayed in the Bordeaux Suite (ironic, right?) which featured vibrant burgundy decor. My favorite room of the house was obviously the bar, Ringmaster’s Roost.” Guests of the house also have access to a library, private dining rooms, and the list goes on and on.From the delicious homemade croissants delivered to us for breakfast in bed, to our personal butler who always had a fresh glass of Prosecco ready for me, the service was absolutely incredible.

The weather was pretty awful (non-stop rain and high 50s) but we didn’t let that stop us from getting out and enjoying Lake Geneva. Ryan’s a football-aholic, so we ended up wandering around all of the local sports bars for the college football games.

It felt so nice to finally get away for a few days and just relax and be married. My advice to other brides out there; if you can’t take your honeymoon right away, definitely try to plan a quick weekend trip. Even though I had planned this as a gift for the hubby, I was definitely the one who needed to getaway and relax for a couple days. Moral of the story, if you survived planning a wedding, I think you deserve a few glasses of Prosecco in a place besides your own home.


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