The Best Gifts For The Best Bridesmaids

We are finally back to blogging. Sorry for being M.I.A., but we have endless stories and pictures to share from our busy summer and of course all things wedding related. For the first post-wedding post, I had to share the gifts that I bought for my bridesmaids.

Don’t get me wrong, I know I kind of went overboard on the gifts… But that’s just because my bridesmaids went above and beyond for me this year. I wouldn’t call myself a bridezilla, but I probably wasn’t the easiest person to deal with either.

Anyway, I wanted to get them each a bag they could use on more than just my wedding day. I did some searching and finally found these embroidered gym bags on Things Remembered. They were all obsessed with the bags, and I liked them so much that I ended up buying myself a “Mrs. Hickey” bag.

As we all know, every bridetribe needs a set of matching robes to wear the morning of the wedding. One day we were shopping for bridesmaids dresses at BHLDN, and I was instantly obsessed with the Floraline robes (now sold out). And I ordered these adorable hangers on Etsy from Happyism to give them each a personal touch.

The next gift kind of happened by accident. I was shopping online during the Nordstrom sale (surprise, surprise) and I came across these Kate Spade studs. I loved the “knot” look,  but also figured they were simple enough to be worn for everyday occasions.

Lastly, anyone who knows me is fully aware of my Sugarfina obsession. I made sure each of my girls could enjoy three of my favorite Sugarfina candies by making them each their own bento boxes. Their boxes featured Champagne Bears, Peach Bellinis and Bubbly Bears.

Let us know what you think of these gifts, and share your comments below!


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