From The Bridesmaids: Buy A Gift The Bride Won’t Buy Herself

earrings-bride-giftBrainstorming a gift for Mikki’s wedding day wasn’t the easiest task. To put it simply, the girl’s got it all! I had three requirements; I wanted it to be something that had a personal touch, something that she would never think to buy herself, and a gift for her rather than an item for the house.

Mikki normally doesn’t wear a ton of jewelry, so purchasing these gold initial earrings was a bit of a risk, but they’re so delicate that I knew she would get use out of them! I also loved that we could incorporate her “new” name into the gift, one of the biggest changes a girl makes on her wedding day.
Let’s be honest, the next best thing to gold is wine, so in addition to the earrings we put together a “year of firsts” wine basket for the newlyweds. Each wine tag correlated to a milestone in their first year of marriage. For example, Mothers Milk wine for First Baby, St Francis for First Christmas, MollyDooker The Boxer for First Fight, etc. I put all the bottles in an authentic wine box to tie it all together. I handmade the tags for a personal touch but also saw a ton of fun designs on Etsy!

Mikki’s wedding day was filled with so much love and laughs, and we all were so honored to share such a special day with her. With maids from her childhood, college, and new family, it was truly the best group of gals – and dancing partners – that each made the whole wedding experience that much better!


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