Prosecco Pours: Our Spicy Jalapeno Margarita


Happy Friday dolls! This week has seemed to drag on like none other, but we can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel. We’re so excited for this edition of Prosecco Pours, as we’re celebrating Cinco De Mayo tonight! Is there even a better way to start off the weekend than with tequila and tacos? We don’t think so. As long as we have some homemade guacamole and a spicy jalapeno margarita, we’ll be just fine.

Our version of the spicy jalapeno margarita is so simple. Honestly the hardest part is getting the energy to go to the grocery store to pick up the necessary ingredients. Once you have that checked off the list, all you have to do is mix and drink! Many people have their own preferences when it comes to margaritas. Some like to make their own margarita mix, others like to buy it ahead of time. I’m letting you all in on a huge secret…. I found the absolutely best premade mix at World Market, and I swear it’s literally life changing. It’s completely organic, and only has 53 calories per serving! (Available HERE) Not sure about you ladies, but I definitely don’t think my homemade mix would rival those stats. (Plus, if you purchase it from World Market today, all of their Cinco de Mayo items are 25% off!!)


In our opinion, it’s not even Cinco De Mayo unless you’re drinking a marg out of a cute glass. Much like the margarita mix, I spotted these adorable glasses at World Market (also on sale HERE.) Sometimes I hate normal margarita glasses, because I just end up spilling all over myself. These glasses prevent those spills that are destined to happen…(especially after a couple 😉 )

This recipe calls for 2 margaritas. If you don’t have much of a spicy tolerance, cut back on the jalapenos.


  • 4 oz. good tequila (I use Tres Agaves)

  • 12 oz. margarita mix (I use Tres Agaves, available here)

  • 1 lime – cut into wedges

  • 1 jalapeno – cut into slices

  • 1 cup ice

  • 2 margarita glasses (mine are available here)


Fill each glass with 1/2 cup of ice. Add 3-4 jalapeno slices to each glass (depending on spicy tolerance.) Pour 2 oz. tequila over the ice and jalapenos in each glass. Let the tequila and jalapenos sit for 2-3 minutes. This allows the tequila to soak up the spicy flavor. Squeeze 3 lime wedges into each glass and mix with the tequila. Pour 6 oz. of margarita mix into each glass, and stir to combine. Top with additional limes and jalapenos as desired.


What are your Cinco De Mayo plans? Share with us in the comments below!


16 thoughts on “Prosecco Pours: Our Spicy Jalapeno Margarita

  1. I love me a good margarita, I’ve never tried a spicy one and I typically purchase my mixes from Publix, lol! I guess it’s time for me to step up my fancy. I can totally appreciate a Margarita mix thats only 53 calories! that’s a huge win. Your photos are amazing btw. Great job with this article!!!

    1. Thanks so much Maya!! We appreciate it! ❤️ haha I recently discovered WM for mixes and there’s no turning back now!!

  2. Yummy! I am not a huge ‘cocktails’ person, but I have to say I do enjoy a good margarita every now and then. And this one just sounds amazing!

    1. No way!! I recently discovered it at World Market and I think it is now going to be a regular in my liquor cabinet! Cheers pretty lady! <3 Thanks for the love!

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