About Us


the pair – Julianna and Mikki are two twenty-something bloggers living in Chicago. The two met as freshmen at the University of Iowa back in 2010. They were both members of the sorority, Gamma Phi Beta. During the Iowa days, their friendship consisted of late-night parties followed by horrible hangovers. After two years at Iowa, Mikki transferred to DePaul University in Chicago. The distance didn’t phase the two, and Julianna moved to Chicago right after graduation. Over the past few years the two have only grown closer, and their love for the bubbly has flourished. The two have had plenty to celebrate, as Julianna was recently Mikki’s Maid of Honor for her September wedding. Mikki and Julianna are two very unique friends, with two very different styles. Each blog post shares a part of their relatable lives covering every lifestyle topic from fashion trends, wedding planning, and even thrifty house decor.


the blonde – Mikki is the blonde half of Paired With Prosecco. After living in downtown Chicago for four years, she and her husband recently bought a house in the suburbs. Her rescue dog Penny has been loving their backyard, which makes the whole transition to burb-life worth it. When Mikki isn’t at work, she stays busy enjoying her time as a newlywed and decorating the house (stay tuned for tons of wedding planning and home decor posts.) Mikki is a big lover of beauty products and has an obsession with online shopping. She’s always ready to try out the newest beauty trend, and is known for driving her amazing hairdresser absolutely crazy.

guilty pleasures: watching any of the Real Housewives, eating sour candy, and filling her closet with shoes.


the brunette –Julianna is the brunette half of Paired With Prosecco. Leaving behind her family and friends behind in Iowa, she moved to Chicago two years ago ready to tackle an adventure and make her mark on a new city. Julianna is enjoying the single-city life (who says blondes have more fun? ;)) and enjoys tasting and sipping her way through Chicago’s newest restaurants. Between hitting the foodie hot-spots, Julianna works off those yummy meals by stopping in for a yoga class and running around the city. Julianna has always been a fashionista, and isn’t afraid to test out a new bold look. She’s constantly helping her friends (especially Mikki) put outfits together on a regular basis.

guilty pleasures: following celebrity gossip, eating frozen yogurt, and keeping up with the Kardashians.